How one seller achieved an amazing $458,000
more for their home.

John McManus

The Staging Advantage


1. Original target price

2. Styling budget

3. Sale price

1. It's important to see the property from your buyers perspective.

Sometimes a project of any kind in any walk of life can seem impossible. Unattainable, unachievable but making that first step and building forward momentum towards the target is all you need.

"There can be so many minor implications and hurdles that come your way when your selling you property but everything needs to be put in perspective."

By using proven case studies with your own additional research can get a result that makes all the hard work seem absolutely justified. The push towards a certain goal started when Principle of LJ Hooker Willoughby Artarmon, John McManus had a listing with an immense amount of potential. The sale could have been an easy and simple process for both parties, getting it done quickly while the property market was rising. John stressed the importance of getting the property styled professionally to the home owner. Listing all the opportunities and how if it was done right the potential selling price would be improved quite significantly, "We had a family here that want to just liquidate the asset as it was a deceased estate." John said, "They told me the family would be happy to sell the property for $2 million and I mentioned to them that with the land value alone and with the additional of styling we could get closer to around $2.1 - $2.2million."

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2. A professional will know how to maximize a sale opportunity.

John saw an opportunity to really get the most out of the situation. By connecting the right dots and introducing a styling company who he knew would see eye to eye on the job. Director / Designer at Cordony Designs Khalia Cordony was called in to asses the property and give her opinion on how the property could benefit from renovations.

"It was in quite a dilapidated state and it just needed some tender love and care, which it obviously hadn't seen in years."

"The eldest sibling had control over everything and was really wanting to get it all done and he knew what the benefits were but he obviously had to convince the rest of his siblings that is was going to be the right choice." The choice wasn't an easy one for the family as the quote from Cordony Designs came back at $58,000 and the process which had once seemed fairly simple had moved to far more complex. This isn't a case of a new lick of paint and some flowers. The process involved a complete renovation that left the home looking unrecognisable from its previous state. John said, "we ran a five-week campaign after the styling team had prepared the home for sale.

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3. The dream result.

The two teams had made a momentous achievement by beating sale expectations, "the whole family were ecstatic with the result".

"It ended up selling for $2,558,000."

"When we prepare a property for sale spending a dollar to make two, in that particular case making almost half a million more for that family; changed their lives. "They came became believers in styling and the way in which we style peoples homes, that it does actually work."

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